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Stories from the Holy Land

I’ve lived in the Holy Land for the last seven months. This is my last week in Bethlehem before I head to India for a month, so I’ve been taking care of business. My apartment is nearly packed up: a pile of donations, a pile to leave with friends and a pile to take with me.

Just a few days ago, I went to the Jordanian Consular office in Ramallah to get a visa for my upcoming trip. After traveling two hours to get there, it was closed.
I made a new friend, a guy who also needed a visa and was equally disappointed to find the office locked.

The policeman guarding the embassy immediately sauntered over to chat with us, gun slung over his torso like a shield.

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  1. Y Medad says:

    As you yourself noted the security problems, I would presume that when terror ends, mail will go faster. But if the Arabs do achieve a state, and it doesn’t evolve from a peace agreement (as is now being threatened), the mail from there will have to go via Jordan. Do you think that’s a better situation? At least postal-wise?

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