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Olive trees and Iftar

Olive trees and Iftar

September 5, 2010 No Comments

One of my Advanced English students, Nasreen (she’s wearing the white headscarf in this photo), invited me for Ramadan iftar (dinner) with her family on September 5th.  She lives in a village near Nablus, called Sarra.  We ate on their second floor porch with a beautiful view of the magnificent sunset and the hilly, desert […]

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Soldiers in Sarra

BY: NISREEN GHANEM On one winter night, Israeli soldiers came to our village with dogs.  They began searching for...

BDS flashmobs at work

Philly grocery store flashdance HP flashmob

Innocents’ Rights

BY: MUNA NU’MAN In May 2003, the Israeli occupation forces imposed a curfew on my village.  The curfew continued...

A 10-minute inspection added four months to education

BY: ALI ABU TAYEH In one semester during my study at the university in the West Bank, I had...

To get’em talking, feed’em

A great way to stimulate conversation and get strangers to bond, is to feed them! This meal is for...

Backpackers in Bethlehem

After 15 days living in Bethlehem, I hosted a couple of backpackers for the Eid holiday, Kyle and Kim....