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Backpackers in Bethlehem

Backpackers in Bethlehem

November 17, 2010 No Comments

After 15 days living in Bethlehem, I hosted a couple of backpackers for the Eid holiday, Kyle and Kim. Kyle is a guy from Florida with lots of questions. He’s tall with shaggy hair and a resonating voice. He loves coffee. Kim is from Belgium. She’s quiet, short and looked gorgeous even after waking up […]

Top 10 Middle East Travel Tips

Top 10 Middle East Travel Tips

November 1, 2010 3 Comments

During a trip to Jordan and Egypt this past month, I remembered a few tips that make traveling, especially in developing countries, much easier. 10. Learn some of the local language. “Hi, how are you,” are a great start.  Knowing numbers and how to say “where is” will prove abundantly useful. 9.  Be ready for […]

AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): Israeli military raids houses in response to attack on checkpoint

CPTnet 2 December 2011 A newsletter written by members of the Christian Peacemaker Teams. On the night of 28...

Introduction to CPT – Palestine

Filmed and produced by Cat Rabenstine for the Christian Peacemaker Teams in Palestine.

CPT delegate writes letter to teargas manufacturer

CPTnet Digest 20 January 2011 Mr. Don Smith, CEO Combined Systems Inc. 388 Kinsman Rd. Jamestown, PA 16134 Dear...

What does it mean to thrive?

Knowing your children attend a good school.  Earning a salary that allows you to save money for the future....

Stories from the Holy Land

I’ve lived in the Holy Land for the last seven months. This is my last week in Bethlehem before...

One foot in, one foot out – a tour of a Palestinian village

Today I took a walk through a friend’s village near Bethlehem. The sky was blue and spotted with clouds....