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Poems by a Palestinian girl

September 14, 2010 No Comments

In March 2009, I visited a friend’s home in Palestine.  Her young daughter, Nadine, wrote the below poems.

our country

you look see feel

but no

u do look

u do see

but u do not feel



and look around

u see up and down

every were no one wants u

just go away.

this is our country place and life

stop talking it away

when its not rifuallly yours.

you kill us

beat us

we fight back for our lifes

but wait

u fight to take this place

just go away.

it happend to u disscrimanasion

but u dont think of it at all

and do the same to us discrimanasion.

you kill us

beat us

but u never feel if we had the same wepinz

we would be wining.

this is not a fair fight

u have food supplize and family

we barly have any just go away.

dont u see what u have done

yove killed children for no reasen.

you through at us

we through at u

but wich one is stronger


just go away.

its  our country place and lifes

stop steeling it away

your smiling and happy for what yove done


The window

when u look threw the window what do u see

the wind there and the rain for me .

but look closley and see can u find the great wisdom and happyness for u .

look threw the right window that is for u

pick it with goodness and right

look threw the window that is bright.

there is the side of sadness and hate and the side to smile and be happy,

pick the right window when u you look closley you  will no the path foe you .

look threw the window that is right for you.

commmunicating peace

peace is the choice u pick in life

how u commmunicate peace

a lovely wonder and wisdom

you need look closly

and hold each others hands

and rome in harmony

and love to eachother

block the bitterness

enter the wonder and wisdom and have a peaceful life.


life is a great thing that u can sometimes dought  life passess fast and runs  long ways the choice of your life is up to you hold it tight so it never gets loose. dont you see what life is what ever u so will effect u pick the right choice.

peace freedom love

peace freedom and love

that what we need want it and make it bigger

bring the peace bring it strong so we can live toghther  and get along

we need it yes we do

also if we want the peace the love has to be there

peace oh peace pray for it so we can get along

we need it

we have to love so peace will be a peace and just get along peace.

believe in the peace

if we want peace we have to work and belive for this wonder to be and for peace to be come bigger we have to love and hold on to each other and make the peace a bigger and bigger if we want the the peace we have to live it   and want it we all get toghther  make the vive of peace stronger so we can live with happyness peace we need it in life  we have to hold is and beliven what is right choice and path to pick. pick it know and have the peace in your heart peace we need it some people dont want it but try to change there mind never never say that this can never happen peace is what we need PEACE.

the goal peace

peace peace thats what we need we want peace yes we do were striving for peace  little bye little bigger by bigger the steps get big the steps get small but alalong we succseed out goal peace in the middle east.

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